Human Adult Band / Honey Radar / Tyvek (solo)

A rock show in rare form. 3 loner squall heavy hitters. If you don’t know these bands yet what have you been doing the last 15 years. Crucial homespun rock and roll saviours.


5 – 15$ slidin

Flyer by Jeff Johnson (@tubsangel)

Human Adult Band / Honey Radar / Tyvek (solo)

Sterile Garden / Husere Grav / Mmnnssd

Ars Nova Workshop presents

Sarah Davachi / Matchess

The October Revolution of Jazz & Contemporary Music

Streets of Philadelphia Part 1

Desertion Trio + S.o.P Chamber Ensemble

John Wiese / Shredded Nerve / Apologist

Bill Nace, Leila Bordreuil, Tamio Shiraishi Trio / Lauren Pakradooni, Dave Sutton, Patrick Gallagher Trio

Human Adult Band / Honey Radar / Tyvek (solo)

The Funs / Evil Sword / Blowdryer

Ars Nova Workshop presents

Bill Orcutt / Chris Corsano Duo

Die Reihe / Mattin / Metasplice

Church Shuttle / Sam Hooker / Candy Riccotta / DJ TD

Rubber O Cement / Evicshen / Cube / Hatchers / Foaming Luxury