J Guy Laughlin + James McKain + TJ Borden Trio

Yureka Cash / SSS / Leo Suarez

Saturday February 1, 2020

Doors at 8PM/1st set at 9PM

5 – 15$ sliding scale



First time outing for this trio, though mutual respect and admiration combined with past collaborations involving 2 out of the 3 in other settings only solidifies the status of this performance as inevitable.

Midwest-via-Manhattan reedsman James McKain is looking towards greener pastures with his first gig as a Philadelphia resident (he’s moving to town the day of this gig). Blurring the line between the avant virtuosity of the downtown scene and the dank scuzz of the midwest basement skronk, McKain pushes the limits of his saxophone as a tool for discovery, yielding a cornucopia of auditory textures, from guttural gurgles and psycho jazz slosh and slurps, to dog-whistle polyphonic overtones and queasy microtonal explorations of the altissimo-range.

J Guy is a seasoned free jazz/noise rock drummer from Cleveland.

T.J. Borden is a musician working within and around the constraints of the cello. Formerly from western NY, he now splits his time between Philadelphia and NYC, where he focuses most of his efforts towards exploiting the strengths and failures of himself and his instrument.



pretty bad, but pretty good

SSS [Shane Riley+Morgan Garrett]

Shane Riley is the #1 purveyor of AI Generated Crappola in Philadelphia


Morgan is half of Scream Culture and has written songs in the style of electronic music, folk rock, psychedelic rock, showtune, noise rock, metal, industrial rock, and other genres of music.



A recent transplant from Tampa, FL to Philadelphia, drummer/improvisor Leo Suarez has been performing, recording and touring within various rock contexts, as well as in many different experimental and improvised settings. Suarez is well-known in FL for his work with MeatWound, Career, and Glass Tongue Trio, and since moving to Philadelphia, has collaborated or performed with Jack Wright, Dan Blacksberg, T.J. Borden, Madam Data, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Taiwan Housing Project. Suarez has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively with 4AD rock group Merchandise, and continues to stay active on the road with Nude Tayne, Carnivorous Bells, and his new improvisational power trio TONED (with Nathan Corder and Tom Weeks). In late 2018, Leo Suarez released “Marbles On Tile”, his first release for solo drum-set which explores colors, overtones and melodic development through the vehicle of improvised percussion, and has recently been touring the States in this context, as well as duo concerts in Eastern Europe with Paulina Owczarek. Suarez has performed at such festivals as SXSW, Cropped-Out, ReSound, Out of Crowd (LU), and many more. On top of being an active musician, Suarez also books and organizes small-scale improvised music events in Central Philadelphia.

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