System All Normal

System All Normal

featuring the current PAGEANT : SOLOVEEV collection

In gratitude for the amazing artists with which we have had the opportunity to work since 2004 and in memorium of all the bullshit that was endured to preserve and propagate said work unadulterated


System All Normal

Jessica Doyle : Overhuman


Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade : Winvasion

Chris Lawrence : Heliogeist Eclipse


Leah Bailis / Seth Farnack : Archive

Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers

Preston Link : Here’s to the Future and Afterparty

Joshua Goode / Enrico Riley : Nonthropology

Nick Lenker : The Last Days of the Apocalypse of Now

Hungerstrike Wonderland Forcemultiplier

Time Equals Distance Over Speed or Nothing

Nick Lenker : The Destruction and Creation of Man


Hitoshi Nakazato : Hiroshima Revisited

Jessica Doyle : Gold Mountain

Matthew Osborn : My Bones Your Skin

Jason Hsu / Chris Kline : Paper Crystals

Rag and Bone

Toshimitsu Ito : Falling Sound

Hunter Stabler : Thanks Mom and Dad / The Chain of the Worlds

Enrico Riley : Golden Cup

Isskustvo Transmagica Provinces Animamina

East Coast / West Coast

Terry Adkins : Belted Bronze

Sarah Gamble : All Alone in the Electro Magnetic Sphere

Hamdi Attia : Aegnapea

Aldert Mantje : The Otherwise Peaceful Island

Jessica Doyle / Kate Stewart : Long Gone Sally

Corliss Cavalieri : Baroque Cabinet

Hunter Stabler / Xiang Yang : Everything Is Light Pour

Christopher George and Roy Williams : Prudence Has Two Heads—A Wolf’s Glance

Enrico Riley / Sean Riley : Polar / Solar

The Wasted Apes : The Church of Hazel Motes Without Hazel Motes

Candace Vivian + Rex Vivian : Algebra

Hitoshi Nakazato : From Sphere to Cube

Yevgeniy Yufit : Necrorealism

Terry Adkins : Black Beethoven