Recital in Eight Dominions

Terry Adkins after Bessie Smith

Belted Bronze

Hunter Stabler : Alternative Healing

Marc Zajack : Shadow Sitting

System All Normal

Jessica Doyle : Overhuman


Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade : Winvasion

Chris Lawrence : Heliogeist Eclipse


Leah Bailis / Seth Farnack : Archive

Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers

Preston Link : Here’s to the Future and Afterparty

Joshua Goode / Enrico Riley : Nonthropology

Nick Lenker : The Last Days of the Apocalypse of Now

Hungerstrike Wonderland Forcemultiplier

Hive / Cave

Time Equals Distance Over Speed or Nothing

Nick Lenker : The Destruction and Creation of Man


Hitoshi Nakazato : Hiroshima Revisited

Jessica Doyle : Gold Mountain

Matthew Osborn : My Bones Your Skin

Jason Hsu / Chris Kline : Paper Crystals

Rag and Bone

Toshimitsu Ito : Falling Sound

Hunter Stabler : Thanks Mom and Dad / The Chain of the Worlds

Enrico Riley : Golden Cup

Isskustvo Transmagica Provinces Animamina

East Coast / West Coast

Terry Adkins : Belted Bronze

Sarah Gamble : All Alone in the Electro Magnetic Sphere

Hamdi Attia : Aegnapea

Aldert Mantje : The Otherwise Peaceful Island

Jessica Doyle / Kate Stewart : Long Gone Sally

Corliss Cavalieri : Baroque Cabinet

Hunter Stabler / Xiang Yang : Everything Is Light Pour

Christopher George and Roy Williams : Prudence Has Two Heads—A Wolf’s Glance

Enrico Riley / Sean Riley : Polar / Solar

The Wasted Apes : The Church of Hazel Motes Without Hazel Motes

Candace Vivian + Rex Vivian : Algebra

Hitoshi Nakazato : From Sphere to Cube

Yevgeniy Yufit : Necrorealism

Terry Adkins : Black Beethoven