Marc Zajack

Shadow Sitting

PAGEANT proudly presents the debut solo exhibition of Marc Zajack

Opening Reception Friday February 14th at 7 PM

Shadow Sitting is a collection of paintings and sculptures that iterates process through play by construct and destruct of object and image. The work honors space and self in the form of totems, paralleled by glimpses of story. Emphasizing moments of stillness, the work distorts in the disguise of conversation with the body. Evidence of movement hides itself within the surface.
—Marc Zajack

Mr. Zajack is a Philadelphia based multi-disciplinary artist. His creative work includes painting, sculpture, sound, performance and video, making surfboards, hot sauce, etc. and it has previously been exhibited at Pageant : Soloveev in the group shows Time Equals Distance Over Speed or Nothing, Hive/Cave, Hungerstrike Wonderland Forcemultiplier, Psychedelphia, Hyperintersection, and System All Normal. He is also a member of the Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade, whose collaborative antics were featured at Pageant in the 2015 exhibition WINVASION.

His training in music was initially with the contrabass, he is now a self taught multi-instrumentalist primarily working with electronics. Past music projects include Blastocyst, George Steeltoe Ensemble, Sharks with Wings, and Antler Piss. Currently a member of the duo MMNNSSD, he is releasing solo compositions as Tandem Cascades and has performed widely in the United States and Europe.

I remember a Sharks with Wings set that went down at Pageant about 10 years ago. They completely blew the place up and it left a lasting impression on me. That was the first time Marc came to my attention and via proximity of orbits in Philadelphia we became aquainted. I soon discovered that Marc is an uncommon artist – having no agenda aside from manifesting the irrepressible creative instict that animates him. Neither he nor I have much interest in art verbiage but an audience will often desire and occasionally  benefit from some explanation of the why and wherefore of that which they see before them.  I am grateful for Micah Danges’ Title Magazine interview, which I feel relieves me at this moment of further obligation to explain Marc and his work. Shadow Sitting is watching and listening but not much talking.

—Daniel Dalseth, Director, Pageant : Soloveev

Blue Skull, oil on canvas, 72 x 60 inches, 2019

Hunter Stabler : Alternative Healing

Marc Zajack : Shadow Sitting

System All Normal

Jessica Doyle : Overhuman


Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade : Winvasion

Chris Lawrence : Heliogeist Eclipse


Leah Bailis / Seth Farnack : Archive

Serpents Hallowed Tail Feathers

Preston Link : Here’s to the Future and Afterparty

Joshua Goode / Enrico Riley : Nonthropology

Nick Lenker : The Last Days of the Apocalypse of Now

Hungerstrike Wonderland Forcemultiplier

Hive / Cave

Time Equals Distance Over Speed or Nothing

Nick Lenker : The Destruction and Creation of Man


Hitoshi Nakazato : Hiroshima Revisited

Jessica Doyle : Gold Mountain

Matthew Osborn : My Bones Your Skin

Jason Hsu / Chris Kline : Paper Crystals

Rag and Bone

Toshimitsu Ito : Falling Sound

Hunter Stabler : Thanks Mom and Dad / The Chain of the Worlds

Enrico Riley : Golden Cup

Isskustvo Transmagica Provinces Animamina

East Coast / West Coast

Terry Adkins : Belted Bronze

Sarah Gamble : All Alone in the Electro Magnetic Sphere

Hamdi Attia : Aegnapea

Aldert Mantje : The Otherwise Peaceful Island

Jessica Doyle / Kate Stewart : Long Gone Sally

Corliss Cavalieri : Baroque Cabinet

Hunter Stabler / Xiang Yang : Everything Is Light Pour

Christopher George and Roy Williams : Prudence Has Two Heads—A Wolf’s Glance

Enrico Riley / Sean Riley : Polar / Solar

The Wasted Apes : The Church of Hazel Motes Without Hazel Motes

Candace Vivian + Rex Vivian : Algebra

Hitoshi Nakazato : From Sphere to Cube

Yevgeniy Yufit : Necrorealism

Terry Adkins : Black Beethoven